Old syllabus- CA FINAL AMA preparation strategy for May 2018 exams 😊

AMA = OR +AMA (35+65Marks)

OR is much easy compared to AMA, getting 30/35M in OR can be easily done if u practice thoroughly, it has only 5-6 chapters which u can complete in 5 full days allocating 8hours a chapter each

Coming to AMA

Initially start preparing big chapters like

Standard Costing, Marginal Costing which are very big compared to others so give 3 full days to each big chapter 8hours a day

After completing all big chapters, it's time for gaining easy marks from easy chapters like JIT etc. Generally theory questions are asked from final chapters of AMA, which can be read without any hassle and complete all small left out chapters by giving 1 full day each.

In 20 days u can complete, whole AMA without any hassle. Even if u have not taken any coaching buy Padhuka costing book and can finish your preparation in 20 Days. If u don't have Padhuka prepare from Study Material and practice Manual


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