How to remember Sections in Law and Tax 😉

Frankly speaking, it's not possible to remember all sections with all the exact text underneath. But it is possible to at least remember the headings of the sections. Moreover, if you have read the text 4-5 times with good concentration you will be able to remember almost all provisions. Here's what to do :
Write down section numbers and what it provides for on a paper. Try to keep the names of provisions as short as possible. Giving long names for provisions will make more confusion later.Give headings to different sections. For e.g., For sections 123 to 127, you could give the heading "Dividend". For Sections 128 to 148, you could give the heading "Accounts & Audit". By giving headings, you will able to remember the range of applicable sections while trying to remember any section.Read that list of paper 2 times in a day. Once in the morning and second time before you go to sleep. One time, read all sections in ascending order. The other time, read in descending order.Do this exercise for at least 5 days (You can take a few more days if you think you need more time)After completion of this exercise, take a blank paper and start writing all sections you can remember in ascending or descending order. If you get stuck, DO NOT look into the book or your learning list. Leave the line blank and move on.Check your answers after writing all sections.😊


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