Inspiring Interview of CA Final 2nd Ranker in May 2016 Exams:

Meet Mr.Kantheti Naga from Viyyuru, Andhra Pradesh. He Scored 610 marks in the exams, missing our the first rank by just 3 marks.

What was your parents reaction after this news?

My father expired a month back. I shared this news with my mother who was extremely happy. Just after the declaration of my result, I called up my mother. She was expecting that I would be securing a rank in CA Final but didn't expect me to get a 2nd rank, so she was very much happy with my success. 

As at this moment I am not with her so visit her at dinner in Vuyyuru, just near Vijayawada.


You scored rank in IPC as well, right?

Actually, I lost rank in CPT by 3 marks. That led me to think of securing rank in CA IPCC and eventually I did secure 2nd rank. 


So, now that you have cracked CA Final which is one of the toughest exams in the world, can you share your whole journey from CPT to IPCC and then getting a rank in CA Finals?

It was a good journey. There were hurdles in between but somehow I was able to overcome those with good result. I started my CA CPT in March 2012. I had done my intermediate in March 2012, after completion of intermediate; I opted for CA CPT. I had registered for CPT at that time.


I went for coaching and I scored 184 in my attempt. Generally, a person with 184 marks gets a rank but unfortunately, I lost by 3 marks. 


That day, I was little sad with my result. My mother asked me if I secured a rank and I said that -'Mom, I didn't secure a rank.'


That moment made me think of obtaining rank in IPCC. From that day onwards, I started doing hardwork as I aimed at securing a rank in IPCC and started following study material, practice manual, other references etc.


I had made up an intention that I had to study in such a way that I could obtain good marks in CA IPCC. 


CA CPT is not equal to CA IPCC. Getting a rank in CA CPT is much easier than getting a rank in CA IPCC. I didn't belong from CA background, none of my relatives or near ones is a CA. But still, it was due to my firm determination and hard work which led me to get a rank in CA IPCC. I thought that I would get 1st rank in CA IPCC but unfortunately lost it again by 3 marks at that time also. 


So, in this whole journey, who inspired you?

My parents inspired me in this whole journey. They didn't have sufficient money to make me a CA. Even, when I entered CA, some of my relatives and colleagues told my parents that they won't be able to make their son a CA. 


At that time, my father came to me and said that there are other courses but if you pursue CA, you would be recognized in society as well as respected equally among others in the family as well as others among social circle.


He also said that though I may not have enough money to make you a Chartered Accountant, but still I would make it reliable to you by borrowing it from others so I should go and join this course.


That gave me the strength and motivation to pursue this course for the sake of my parents, so whenever I faced any hurdles or difficulties in this journey, I just used to think that how much struggle my parents are facing for my sake and that feeling gave me the motivation to pursue this course with firm determination and hard work.


That was the first thought that came to my mind while I was preparing for my studies and this helped me to achieve the success.



Would you like to mention any special moment with your father during this journey?

The special moment was when the president of ICAI called me up to inform that I have secured a second rank in CA IPCC. At that moment, my father was beside me and he was very much happy with my result. That was the most special moment with my father. If he had been alive now, I know that he would have been much happier than me on my achievement for CA Final results.



How you use to cope up with the stress and fatigue that you faced in this whole journey?

I used to read for 12 to 13 hours


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