Old syllabus - CA IPCC Advance Accounts preparation strategy for May 2018 Exams 📚

Accounting Standards play a key role in group 2 accounts too and key 🔑 to crack Advance Accounts is Accounting Standards so students should mainly and majorly focus on accounting Standards.. And should practice with pen and Paper, prepare from practice Manual that's enough. 📄

Atleast Revise accounting Standards 3 times

And coming to other topics

Some people feel partnership accounts as difficult for them u can leave partnership accounts for Choice but condition is you should be perfect with other topics of advanced Accounts 😉

Prepare following subjects in an order

❄️Insurance Company Accounts
❄️Banking companies
❄️Departmental Accounts
❄️Branch Accounts

Allocate one day to each chapter got can complete in 4 days

After completing above chapters come to Company Accounts

Company Accounts play a key role and 40 to 60 Marks can expect from this area, you should be thorough with the the company accounts.

Allocate 6 days to company accounts 🌟

Don't forget to do RTP of November 2017  & May 2018 exams 📚

General tip 🎉

✒ Practice Questions with pen and paper

📄 Once go through previous attempt question papers

❓Never ever do group study for Advanced Accounts

- All the best

- Comment your doubts or questions below .!!


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