Old syllabus- CA IPCC ITSM Preparation Strategy for May 2018 Exams πŸ“š

ITSM is considered the most difficult subject of ipcc this is the common notion of many students, but its Not.

I personally got 68 in ITSM Exam.

Strategic management is easy compared to IT because it's easy understandable and no need to mug up terms or technical words like in law or IT

So ppl who feels It is difficult make Strategic management your strong hold πŸ’ͺand prepare well, in sm we have 7 chapters to say frankly one can finish 7 chapters in 7 days by allocating 3 hours per day

Coming to IT , as it is the technical subject u have to write same points as in module , for this take a book and prepare short notes , chapter wise , if u do this the points gets stored in your mind and will help you one day before exam to revise quickly

Same as SM, prepare one chapter per day, if u feel the terminology is difficult jus write down the points and prepare mnemonic codes

Try to study Information technology conceptually, like if u want to write about sever u should imagine server physically in your mind and if u want to write about WiFi imagine how your wifi at it home or office works link everything with the said object.. It will Make your life simple πŸ˜‰

Which book to refer ITSM?

Well the Institute material is best u can blindly follow them. Study material + practice Manual of Itsm

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