How to Manage studies along with articleship or Office 🏒

Daily we get same question atleast 5 to 10 times.

So we are writing this ✍️

Someone rightly Said, Time is Money ⌚πŸ’°

Both go Hand in Hand ✋

Coming to Studies, assume u have office 8 am to 8pm (including travel time) , which means out of 24 Hours, you are spending 12 hours for articleship, u still have 12 hours in hand, out of which 6 hours for sleep and 2 hours for daily chores. 😴

4 hours of free leverage u have in a day which u can study. And u have to spend atleast 12 hours on Sunday for studies, So in a week u have 36 hours for studying and in a month 150 hours. Which is more than enough for completing 2 subjects of CA IPCC, u still have 3 months for November 2016 exams and u can finish 6 subjects along with your articleship even if u don't take leaves. If u see the time we have assumed no one in the world does 12 hours of work during articles, the said time is considered because to show the practicality of completion of sylabus even in that rigid time. ⌚

U might think, when should I browse Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, insta, when should I watch movies and serials when should I hang out.. πŸ“½️

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Guys if u work hard these 2 to 3 months, after your exams u can do anything, serials can be followed in YouTube or Hotstar, your social network is not going anywhere, jus leave and deactivate. It will be hard initially but trust me you'll get adopted to live life without Facebook, insta, whatsapp.

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We at troll CA have people working from big 4 s, whose timing you can't even imagine, but still they are doing well with their studies, personal life as well as they work hard for community like Troll CA 🌟

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Get up at 4am study till 7am, during office hours take some leisure time and Study from laptop /desktop from soft copy notes. πŸ’»

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart ❤️

U have to be committed to your career and life πŸ”¬ then nothing can stop you πŸ€—

- All the best 🌟✋

-Troll CA


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