Be a Fighter 💪

Hey Buddies 😘

How's it going? It's jus a month more to your exams

We hope you've been preparing day and night 🌃

Some students ask me how many hours should I study to pass ipcc or final, which books to refer, what are the important Topics well for all that this is not the time..

Exams are like battle for students, this battle (November 2016) was pre planed much earlier, u should have been armored with all the weapons (books preparation) by this time

Well the motive of this write up is to inspire some of you who haven't started their preparation yet or started preparation but not confident in completing and passing exam and given attempts previously still feel they can't pass the coming exam due to Many reasons.

Yes, 80% of you are in the above 2 categories ✔️

Well I have seen people studying 15 to 18 hours a day and still failing and people studying jus before Exams and passing..

Many people messaged me that they have applied for exam but not giving it jus because they haven't done the preparation.. 🌟

Cowards do this, and I believe no ca student is coward , coz joining ca itself is a brave thing 😂

Giving up a battle without even fighting it is coward thing.

If u hav'nt prepared, Start now, i know there's a lot of sylabus to complete, I suggest you to do only practice Manual for practical subjects. It's more than enough to get over the exam 📃

For Theory refer author books or your Coaching material, and Final Students can refer practice Manual even for law and auditing as
both considered as practice subjects in final.

Do atleast practice Manual, something is better than Nothing 😉

At fight in the battle before loosing, winning a battle is not important for fighting,remember you can't win a battle without fighting.

So be a fighter and start preparation 🎉

- All the best

- Troll CA 📝

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