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Many students face severe difficulties while preparing for CA Final ISCA. One of the most common question asked by the students is that, How to prepare for ISCA, and how to score good marks in ISCA in very less time.

Keeping these doubts in mind, we are providing this article which will hep you score high in CA Final ISCA.

Dear Readers,

To start with, I cleared CA in May 2011. At that time also, ISCA was a nightmare…Though I cleared CA final in 3 attempts my score in ISCA was as below:

May 2010 – 50Nov 2010 – 59May 2011 – 68

I observed that students are not able to crack CA final exams or 2nd group because of ISCA. So, I am sharing my study plan which I followed to prepare for the exams:

1. I prepared my own hand written notes for all the chapters of ISCA. (Took 6-7 months to prepare)

2. I use to revise ISCA for 1-2 hours daily along with other subjects.

3. Used Mnemonics where ever necessary & made stories to remember the points.

5. Revised ISCA 3 times before the examination.

 ISCA Study plan chapter wise:

1st Preference: I give to Information technology definitions (Chapter 7)2nd Preference: I give to SDLC chapter (Chapter 5)3rd Preference: I give to information system concept (Chapter 2)4th Preference: I give to IS and auditing-related topics. (Chapter 3 & 6)5th Preference: I give to Chapter 1, 4 & 8.

(This is my personal view. Students are advised to make preference as per their convenience.)

ISCA Study plan for 1-2 prior to exam month:

March/September: Use to divide days among 8 subjects.April/ October: Use to divide hours among 8 subjects so that I am able to do 2 revisions of all subjects.

From past 3 years, I have been working hard to provide simplified notes for ISCA to CA final aspirants and happy to share that my ISCA notes are helping students to clear CA final exams. In fact I feel overwhelmed when they share success with me.

The author can also be reached at caakhil24.srcc@gmail.com.


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