ICAI Benefits For Members 😊

ICAI Benefits For Members

List of benefits available for the members of ICAI: ICAI cares for you

1. Motor Insurance at discounted premium for members of ICAI:
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=9385

2. Health Insurance Scheme for Members of ICAI:
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=8061

3. ICAI has made an arrangement with Life Insurance Corporation of India facilitating a Special Group Term Insurance Scheme for the members & their spouse.
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=752

4. Householder’s Insurance for Members of ICAI:
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=10631

5. ICAI initiative for the arrangement for Office Protection Shield Insurance at special premium for the Members in Practice/CA Firms.
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=10097

6. ICAI initiative for the arrangement of Specialised Loan for members of ICAI and Concessional Loan to lady members of ICAI.
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=10449

7. Antivirus software at Special price for Members & Students of ICAI:
For details visit http://icai.org/post.html?post_id=11505

8. ‘Handbook on Project Financing as an area of practice for Small and Medium Practitioners’ :
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=11371

9. ICAI initiative for creating a portal for Senior Members of ICAI www.seniormembers.icai.org .
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=11372

10. ICAI initiative for the publication of the book titled 'CA Professionals & SMEs in Make in India: A handbook for the Practitioners:

For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=11370

11. Quick Insight 2014:
For details visit http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=11366

12. ICAI initiative for Self-service portal for resolving the professional queries for our members-ICAI Connect and e-Samadhan respectively-i ncludes features including My Profile, My Announcements, My Payments, My Articles, My Application Status, e-Services, My Firms, My Software(s), Letters & Certificates, CPE Hours, Guidelines of Networking, Merger & Demerger, etc. Empanelled professionals will answer the queries of our members on e-Samadhan portal. Members are required to log in to SSP and click on ‘e-samadhan’ to register their query.
For details visit http://ssp.icai.org

13. ICAI-Tax Suite: A tax Compliance Software, ICAI ROC:MCA21Compliance Software, Billing & Accounting Software, ICAI-XBRLSoftware, Payroll Software.


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