How Three IITians have just taken their Company to A $4 Billion IPO

'NUTANIX' became the latest startup to list on NASDAQ. The shares were listed at $13-15 range but just after a day's trading, they had risen 131% to $37 a share.

The founders, CEO Dheeraj Pandey, Ajeet Singh and CTO Mohit Aron had just become very rich. Pandey and Aron own around 10% of the shares of the Company making them worth nearly $400 million (Rs 2800 crore) each.

All the three founders joined IIT and had moved to US for higher studies. Ajeet Singh had gone to do an MBA as well from IIM Calcutta before moving to US.

Both Pandey and Aron went to work several tech jobs including Oracle and Google. Ajeet Singh too worked with PriceWaterHouse Cooper and Honey Well. The three met at Aster Systems and in Sept 2009 decided to leave their jobs and founded 'Nutanix', a Company that helped data centres manage their resources.

They raised their Series A of $13.2 million a year and a half after they were founded. They were backed by several big names including Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures, Anshu Sharma, Goldman Sachs and Lightspeed Ventures.

Ajeet Singh and Mohit Aron had left the Company a couple of years ago but remain in advisory roles. Dheeraj Pandey has stayed on as CEO.



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