How to Write Theory Answers in Exams πŸ“


by: CA Vaishali Thakkar 

'CA Vaishali is an All India Ranker in May 2015 CA Final Exams. She scored 82 Marks in Law Paper' 

#Always use bullets, don’t write in para graphs, this is not an story writing competition 

#Quote the relevant sections if you remember , if not just write as per the provisions of income tax act or other as it is relevant 

#If you know some case law which is quite relevant then quote it, if you don’t know but know the court name like ( high court/supreme court) then write as ” as per supreme court case law” 

#Write to the point this is not a page filling competition 

#Don’t trouble the troubler ( examiner) if you trouble him he will trouble you a lot, he just laughs like a villain in our films and says ” you want to become CA is it, ok Come Again(CA)” 

#Don’t ever repeat the same point in a different language to increase size of your answer 

#Underline the important things only and only with pencil don’t use glitters, you are writing something professional 

#Write conclusion to answer only if you know it exactly, if not just write the relevant provisions and say on the basis of above provisions action has to be taken 

#If you know sections for one answer and don’t know for the second one don’t worry it is ok, write sections for the answer which you know and don’t write for which you don’t know 

#Write the case laws in center of page and box it with a pencil , this makes examiner to easily evaluate your paper, rather to find the treasure( case law) in a map ( your answer) 

#Don’t create case laws , of-course your mind is genius but examiner is also genius, he will never give marks in assuming ” there could be a case like this” 

#In theory please don’t assume, if any answer has two dimensions write two dimensions of answers.


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