Old syllabus- CA - FINAL πŸ”‘ Financial Reporting and Auditing preparation Strategy for May 2018 exams πŸ“š


Financial Reporting and Auditing preparation Strategy for May 2018 exams πŸ“š

At final stage it's better to do simultaneous preparation of two subjects one practice and the other theory technically audit is not theory we can consider it as theory for our preparation purpose 😜

Start preparing with Accounting Standards, As are safe heaven for Final students on average 40 to 45 marks been asked from AS, so u have to be thorough with AS at any cost, Especially Ind AS Carve outs

Complete 3 standards in one day excluding As-14,21,23 you'll be completing all standards in 7 days

On same day Start Auditing standards, finish 5 standards in one day preferably In the morning hours prepare audit and in evening πŸŒƒ hours prepare accounts

In 7 days you'll be completing all auditing and accounting Standards

From 8th day, in Morning hours complete 2 chapters of audit and in the evening start with amalgamation and restructuring it will take 4 days to complete amalgamation

After amalgamation start valuation of shares and goodwill it will take 4 days to complete this chapter.

Simultaneously u have to complete 2 chapters of auditing in Morning hours

After valuation start with

EVA, MVA, HR NBFC Accounting complete these four chapters in 2 days are they are very small

After completing above start consolidation the deadly of FR, it will take 5 days to finish.

You are done with FR syllabus, left out with auditing

By this time if u haven't completed auditing start preparing in evening time too till 2 chapters in the morning and 2 in the evening til you finish auditing and professional ethics..

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