Old syllabus- CA - IPCC Auditing preparation Strategy for May 2018 exams πŸ“š

Auditing is one of the easiest subject of ipcc group 2, if you revise multiple times then auditing will be cake πŸŽ‚ walk for you the secret of getting good marks in Auditing is using technical terms like section no., quoting Auditing standard no. And writing in language of icai ✍️

Many people asked us for Notes for auditing πŸ“ but we will not make it for it, because icai book itself is awesome and u have to blindly follow it.

Coming to preparation

Start with auditing standards, Revise auditing standards from Surbhi Bansal Mam book or Vikas oswal sir book if u have..

After standards start company audit 1 and 2, it's similar to company law whenever u do study company law of ipcc group 1 simultaneously study company audit of auditing it will help you in understanding concepts easily

Then finish following topics

🌟nature and basic concepts of auditing
🌟Internal Controls
🌟vouching and verification
🌟special audit
🌟Government Audit

Allocate one day to finish one chapter and allocate 3days to complete all auditing standards in 12 days u can complete whole auditing even if u haven't started your preparation yet 😊

Revise thoroughly from icai practice Manual, the more the times u do revision the more the marks u get πŸ˜‰


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