How To Prepare CA-Ipcc Group-1 in 30 Days

So many CA students feel that passing CA is a difficulty as lifting Everest with hands and they think, “We have to do minimum 6 months preparation for passing CA IPCC”. Always this is not correct. Because I’ve seen some CA IPCC students who were passed with only one month preparation. Here no matter how many months you studied. The only point is how you prepared and how you did smart work rather than hard work. By preparing some important topics in CA IPCC syllabus, you can get 50 marks in each subject very easily. So here, I’m giving very important topics which are repeatedly asking in exams and some useful tips and techniques. With this article, you can definitely pass CA IPCC Exams in month preparation.

It may sound  funny that how can 1 pass ipcc in 30 days . but i believe in this quote "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"

My condition to pass CA IPCC exams in one-month preparation :

    • you should complete preparation of below given important topics in one month.

    • you should follow below given time table until exams.

then you can pass CA IPCC exams in one-month preparation very easily

So,Guys if u have not done any preparation till now ,its advisable to write only group-1
because if u write G-1 ,and pass u can start articleship and u will be having ample of time to clear group-2

Coming to group

-4 Subjects ,3 Practical Subjects and 1 Theory

here we are giving subject wise Tips

1.) Accounts
In Accounts Do "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL OF ICAI" that's it ,its observed that most of questions in exam are repeated from previous exams so do completely and perfectly whole practice manual
2.) Business laws
DO  "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL OF ICAI" ,completely and perfectly whole practice manual
3.) Cost Accounting and F.m
DO  "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL OF ICAI" ,completely and perfectly whole practice manual
4.) Taxation
DO  "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL OF ICAI" ,completely and perfectly whole practice manual
Your Preparation should start from 4th April to 30th Apr 2018 in two Sessions

1st session- (Tax & Costing)

1st start with Taxation & Cost Accounting
-Below this post we will be giving the timetable
-Divide the day by 12 hours allocate 6 hours to each subject
-Try to finish 2 chapters of costing in 6 hours and 3 chapters of tax in another 6 hours ,if u do problems only from practice manual 6 hours is more than enough
-6 hours u have to fully focus on subject and solve problems with utmost concentration.
in Costing Do these chapters on priority
-basic concepts of costing
-over heads
-marginal costing
-standard costing
-budgetary control
-once go through the formats of process and contract costing
that's it u have done with costing
next F.M
Do the following chapers
-1st chapter- (theory)
-sources of finance
-capital budgeting or working capital management
-cost of capital
-ratio analysis
Do all the above chapters from Practice manual only
if u do above chapters perfectly u will surely pass costing paper

Start with indirect taxes as its very easy learn do each and every problem of practice manual
u have to keep a target of completing whole indirect taxes in 3 days
After I.D.T start income tax with house property,salaries,pgbp,capital gains,inc frm other sources
then deductions,set off,tds and other left over chapters
End of 1st session u have done with 50% of group 1 syllabus
Session-2 (Business Laws & Communications)
start with ethics and communication as its very easy to study and understand and target to finish it in 2 days
next company law in 5 days
and other business laws like bonus,gratuity,pf negotiable instruments in 5 Days
thats it u are  done with 75 % Of syllabus of group 1
now Accounts -1 is left
Do atleast 1 big chapter in 6 hours like amalgamation,single entry,NPO,Partenership accounts,do 2 small chapters in 6 hours like insurance claims,average due date ,account current,..and complete all accounting standards in 6 hours

On 1st Nov u can revise accounts once again
    • Write all answers in very clear cut manner. Don’t exaggerate anything. Just be to the point and state all points clearly.
    • For theory subjects write answers point wise with attractive headings and sub headings.
    • Use working notes wherever needed.
Exam tips:

    • Use working notes wherever necessary for costing.
    • Do not get panic by seeing the question as it may be twisted. Read the question slowly and try to find that point which may help you in solving the question.
    • Use the table format for solving the questions of F.M. It looks eye catching.

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