How to Prepare Ipcc Group -2 In 30 Days :

The tittle may sound funny ,SMART work is the your key to being a CA. Let me tell you even if you work & study for 15-20 hours a day there’s no sure shot success unless your CONCEPTS are clear , So Focus on Concepts Not on time ..

I’ve seen some CA IPCC students who were passed with only one month preparation. Here no matter how many months you studied. The only point is how you prepared and how you did smart work rather than hard work. By preparing some important topics in CA IPCC syllabus, you can get 50 marks in each subject very easily. So here, I’m giving very important topics which are repeatedly asking in exams and some useful tips and techniques. With this article, you can definitely pass CA IPCC Exams in month preparation.

Group 2 has 3 Subjects 

Advance accounts , Auditing , Information technology & Strategic Management.

i will give a clear cut overall preparation timetable + study plan , u have to follow it strictly , if u follow it as i have given , u will be left out with free 10 days of time before commencement of scheduled May 2018 ipcc group-2 exams :

Session - 1 ( Advance accounts & Strategic Management)

Give 3-4 hours depending upon your comfort to each subject ,Total 6-8 hours in a day 

ADVANCE ACCOUNTS : (1st April 2018 - 16 April 2018)

Prepare in the same sequence as below 

i have segregated the accounts in 5 parts

Part-1 (1st Apr - 3rd Apr 2018) = 3 days

*Partnership accounts

-Insolvency,Piecemeal Distribution
-Amalgamation & Conversion

Part -2 ( 4th Apr to 8th Apr 2018) = 5 days

*Company Accounts

-Esop , BuyBack
-Underwriting , Liquidation of companies
-Amalgamation & Internal Reconstruction (16M can be asked from this any one out of two)

Part-3 ( 9th Apr - 10th Apr 2018) = 2 days

*Special Financial Statements

-Banking companies
-insurance companies 

Part- 4 ( 11th Apr - 12th Apr 2018) =2 days

-Departmental accounts
-Branch Accounts (including Foreign)

Part -5 ( 13th Apr 2018 - 16th Apr 2018) =4 days

Accounting Standards 

Study 4 Standards Per Day

Don't ever neglect AS , 20 - 40 marks are expected from this 

Done with accounts , But which material to follow ?

As u Know its peak time ,the focus should be on passing exam , So Its advisable that to refer and do "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL " & "Last 3 Attempts RTP'S" & " May 2018 RTP"

You have do strictly & perfectly the whole practice manual ,which is practically possible (My own experience)

Strategic Management: ( 1st Apr-  7th Apr )

Spend 3 - 4 Hours for each chapter

Focus on buzz words & jargon's in the Icai Practice Manual

Its advisable to read each and every word,line,chapter of  whole Icai Practice manual & "Last 3 Attempts RTP'S" & " May 2018 RTP"

                       You are done with 50 % for your Group 2 syllabus .!!

Session -2 

Give 2-3 hours depending upon your comfort to each chapter ,Total 5-6 hours in a day 

Auditing (17 Apr 2018 - 24th  Apr 2018) = 8 days

Prepare in the same sequence as below :

Golden Tip: Remember in Auditing the module’s language is the most important requirement to get good marks.

Practice Manual & RTP's  enough to get 50~ marks. ( I got 70 ,i followed the same)

-Company audit I & II chapters are very important as they cover around 20 to 30 marks.

-Standards on Auditing (SAs) are also important for exams read 2 to 3 times at least. Auditing standard Chapter covers at least 30Marks for the purpose of the exams.

Then later do basic chapters and then Special Audit and after it do Vouching & Verification. As said earlier language is important, so read carefully and remember the typical words.

Special Audit Tips:-

You will see a question of 8 marks at least in every Auditing paper, it will come this time also, for sure.

> Don’t mug up this topic, Read with an open mind & Understanding that you are a CA & doing the Audit what you would check & How, what should be the Primary docs to get the required information etc ?
> And you will find that every Special audit would have say appx 10 points of which 4 – 5 points would be common ( like, The Docs of Formation i.e Memo & A of A / Partnership Deed / Trust deed etc, Check the authorities given as per the doc / Powers / Policies etc ).
> Also this being more a practical type of Topic, you will find it interesting.
> Excluding such other 5 points would be different with every different entity based on the area of business in which it is. e.g. in case of schools You say check Fees Receipts / Purchase of Books/ Deposits & fines taken from Students, In case of Hotels say how control is kept on the Issue of Food items & provisions to kitchen is maintained, How is the billing control of Rooms maintained etc.

You read all type of special Audits ( 1st do reading carefully with understanding & no mugging taking 30 mins per audit & you will find that you need not revise it again)
First finish with special Audits , then proceed to Co. Audit 1 &2, Vouching & Verification, Short notes, then further proceed to other topics.

But which material to follow ?

 "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL " & "Last 3 Attempts RTP'S" & " May 2018 RTP"

MOST IMP:- From last 3-4 attempts, Institute is asking only theory questions in Auditing paper, so don’t waste much time on practical problems and read theory portion well.

Information Technology : ( 25th Apr - 31st  Apr 2018) = 7 days

It is subject where everyone feels scared , its very dry topic & completely out of scope of Ca work , but guys for exams u have read and pass it ..

Read 1 chapter in a day allotting 3 -5 hours in a day .. 

Prepare in the same sequence as below :

- Business Process Management
-Business Process Automation Through Application Software
-Business Information System
-Information Technology & IT Fundamentals
-Telecommunication & Network 

"don't forget to do flow charts ,decision  tree & data flow diagrams "

But which material to follow ?

 "ONLY PRACTICE MANUAL " & "Last 3 Attempts RTP'S" & " May 2018 RTP"

That's it u are done with 99.99% of your syllabus of group -2 :-) 

Everything Looks perfect on paper .!! but how well u implement this depends on you .

there was a study in new york on students and their timetable follow up : 80 % of students who make a study plan , time table wont follow strictly .!!


100's of people connect me through Facebook & WhatsApp ,who haven't cleared group 2 even in 7th , 8th attempt and lost their precious CA Final attempt .. 

They Blame ICAI , Time , Examiner , Parents , Coaching Centers 

but guys at the end , your effort matters , don't give reasons for ur failure   , " be unreasonable "

Do you really think u have Read/ Learnt 100 % of advance accounts , auditing , ITSM , & have written 100% correct in the exam , & still ICAI failed u ? 

you , may say yes , but your inner heart knows the correct answser.!!

They are the victorious who dare not to give up. Never ever dare to give up. “You are the failure not the moment you are defeated, but the moment you give up fighting.” A student having passion for CA may fail once or twice or many a times in CA study course but the passion to get up again and appear for next attempt never dies. Because life after becoming CA changes.
The best day to start anything is TODAY; and the best time, NOW.
So what are you waiting for? Stop reading.. Start doing.. Cheers.
This time try differently than previous attempt and pass with flying colors ,
All the best .!!

Sainath Gupta 

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