10 things every CA student observes when he in CPT (Telugu)

1 more day and we will come to know who are going to be Qualified (CA-Final Results) and who are going to get eligibility for writing semi-Qualified exam (CA-IPCC)..,

So obviously some of us who are waiting for results and feeling tensed about those results wants to be relaxed or refreshed..., so here we are trying to refresh or relax your over heated brain filled with tension.. Read out the 10 things which we all have observed when we joined CA-CPT after our Intermediate Exams.

1. CPT and ICAI Full Forms :

I am damn sure that 80% of students don't know the full form of CPT or ICAI till we all joined in coaching. Actually we never bothered to know about that :p ..,
finally CPT- Common proficiency test and ICAI- Institute of chartered accountants of India (for some people who still don't know :P )

2. Concessions/Free seats for Intermediate toppers :

I think most of us have definitely seen some of our friends getting a free seat or concession in fee when they are joining CPT coaching with us. Some coaching centers just to get ranks or fame through some intelligent students intentionally offer free seats or fee concessions for CPT coaching. In those days and at that time, i have seen an offer like if we get above or equal to 95% in intermediate, we can get a free seat and If we get 90%, we can get some concession in fee.

3. Intermediate colleges won't leave you :

Mostly colleges like narayana and sri chaitanya who have their own faculty to teach CPT won't let us to leave college after completing intermediate. they act like a typical whatsapp group admins who force you to be there itself in their group(college). but of course we will never listen to those words, that's another issue :P . Andhra people will more relate this. "CPT lo kuda mee thodu maakivandra bhairavaass.. :P

4. R&D on coaching institutes :

Yes, we will start R&D (Research and development) on every coaching institute near to us or even which are far from our places. we almost use all our costing techniques like ABC analysis, opportunity cost techniques to find out the best college which meets our requirements. we will inquire how much is the fee?who are the teachers there?what is the hostel fee ?
everything from A to Z just for that 3 months coaching :P . we can even submit a "State level coaching centers quality report" after that R&D :P

5. 6,000 or 6,100 :

I think some of us definitely got this doubt when they are registering for CPT.
1. Do we have to pay 6,000 or 6,100?
2. On which name, we have to take DD.
3. First of all, what is DD? :P
and finally with no clarity and full of confusion, we send that application form filled to Chennai. and one fine day, a letter from ICAI confirms that u are successfully registered. we feel happy and we leave everything what we have done without clarity. and suddenly another fine day, when some junior comes to u and asks how to register, u will have no idea what to tell :P and most probably this will be the 1st banking experience for some students :P

6.  Realizing those hidden concepts behind every subject :

Though we top in our Intermediate exams scoring 99 in commerce accounts, 97 in Economics, 100 in maths.., we actually come to know those all clearly only in CPT. everyday we use to listen some concept or logic behind that subject and used to say
Hindi   -  " acha, Yeh hai reason"
Telugu -  "oho, idhaara reason.., dheenamma mana inter lo vaadu em cheppale.., thief na son" :P

7. A, B, C, D :

Yes, It is very simple to say that we have answer only among the 4 options (A,B,C,D). but we know the difficulty in answering them. remember! how tough and how cunning they used to give us options.
Ex: Where is "A" present in the below options ? :P
A. A                                     B. Option A
C. Both A&B                      D. All of the above
Our immediate reaction after seeing those options :D

8. Far from enjoyment, summer holidays and friends for the 1st time :

Yes, from our childhood, we are habituated to have at least 1-2 months of holidays or gap between one academic period to another. but for the 1st time in our lives, we have to sit in classes seriously and have to leave all the enjoyment and fun with our friends in that burning summer just to qualify this exam. mainly, our MPC friends who completed writing their EAMCET exam before us starts enjoying like hell and we are like " arey, kal Quantitative aptitude exam hai bhai" :P

9. Countless motivation classes :

Counting India population is way more easier than counting the number of motivation classes during our CPT period we heard. at first, they are very interesting and motivating, and after listening those motivational lines in that silent class for one hour, we will feel like " arey, from today, I won't study less than 25 hours in a day ra.., mother teresa promise" :P
Sadly that will be only for few hours.., and then after that few hours, our diminishing motivational utility will start as usual.., after few days we realize that these motivational classes are waste and best is to self motivate ourselves.., :)

10. Lots of hard work :

  Lecturer : Happy Diwali
Student: Dhanikinka time undhi kadha
Lecturer : neeku koncham thondharaga start avvuddhi :P

 I am sure many of us came to know our real strengths during CPT as we have a fear of writing a National level exam and that too a CA exam where pass percentage is ranging between 30-35%. we study day and night during that last few days before exam. we give our 100% best in preparation during that last days and we will of course win in that battle if our efforts are honest. :)

Bonus: :P

11. Boys and girls sitting together :

Yeah, It may be not a new thing for someone. but definitely very different and crazy thing for some students who are new to that kind of seating :P

Actually there are many things which we observe during those days.., one article can't describe that awesomeness.....,

Hope u enjoyed this article..,

when I am writing this, I went into my old gold CPT days..,

hoping same with you all..,

Comment your opinions or comment still if we have missed anything :P


                                                                        - Vikas

Comment your opinions below .!! 😃


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