5 things that ICAI don’t want you do

So first of all we will discuss about the Quality Chartered Accountants. So here is the 5 things that ICAI don’t want you do.
  1. Don’t be Just a Bookworm:- CA syllabus is one of the hardest syllabus in the world but clearing the CA exam just by memorizing the books is not enough to compete in the world after clearing CA exams. You must have done some practical practice during your CA article ship. In short ICAI don’t want that you will become a Dummy article just to clear his/her CA Exams.
  2. Quality Chartered Accountants:- One of the former ICAI president CA K. Raghu said in one of his speech that “India currently need more that 5 lakhs chartered Accountants to fill the job opportunities available right now. But still there are Chartered Accountants who are still unemployed due to lack of quality knowledge.” So just clearing the CA exam is not enough to get bucks for your hard work done during your CA Student tenure.
  1. Go for quality and not on quantity: this is the main problem arises in the modern era. Now every student has more than 2 reference books for each subject. ICAI wants you to refer only one book but whatever you choose you should have mastery in that. So don’t use more than one book for each subject.
You may need this:
  1. Not Fully prepared for exam: ICAI don’t want students to just study in the last 10 days of exams and going to attempt the same. If you are doing like that that you are just wasting precious time of your as well as of ICAI. Plus you just created a bad impression in the eyes of ICAI. So be fully prepared for your upcoming exams.
  1. Not using Tips & Tricks suggested by ICAI:- ICAI has time to time presented or we can say published tips and tricks for passing CA exams through CA Student Journal, Speeches, Webinars etc. Most of the students ignores the same and at the end of day incurs loss for themselves.
 That’s all for 5 things that ICAI don’t want you do. Keep Sharing.
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