Government planning to Ban Cheque books?

Sources from The Finance Ministry has declined the rumour of cheque book ban for pushing digital transactions, saying that the government has no plans to scrap it.

According to RBI data, in August, there were cheque transactions worth Rs 6,224.34 billion, nearly three times more than debit card transactions and close to 10 times more than mobile wallet transactions, despite digital transactions spiking in the post-Demonetisation era

Why people or business houses Love cheque books?

Below are few Reasons

No cost

Whether it is digital transactions or other forms of the traditional financial instrument, there is a charge involved. Writing a cheque costs nothing.


Cheques have been an integral part of India’s payment landscape. Over the years businesses have developed a sense of trust and comfort with writing cheques. Moreover, options like securing payments due in future are available with post-dated cheques


Digital transactions do not come without the threat of Cyber risks. Cheques are safer, it is handed over someone and that someone gets the money in his account. It is natural for businesses to choose safer way especially when a large amount is involved.


population is still struggling to adapt to the digital boom, especially in small cities and rural areas, writing a cheque is convenient than using a phone, entering the password, ensuring network strength, internet connection et al.

Though, cheques have their demerits too. While online transactions are quick, cheques may take 2-5 days to clear, but if it is safer, chargeless and convenient, why businesses would shift to another mode of payments, unless there is some incentive

Do you still use your cheque? For paying anyone over digital? Please comment your reason ☺️


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