How do I score a rank in the CA Final exam?

by Shri Gopal

Hey, I am All India 25th ranker in CA IPCC. I would like to share my way of study and experience. I hope this will help you.
First of all, I would like to share my last four month schedule with you.
Morning 8 O clock- Wake up
Morning 8 to 9- Get ready and have breakfast
Morning 9 to 10- Study
Morning 10 to 1- tuition
Noon- 1 to 8- study at library (including half an hour break for lunch)
Evening 8 to 9- Dinner and TV
Evening 9 to 11:30- revision
And 11:30 evening to morning 8- sleeping
This was the schedule which I was following during last 4 months of my Ipcc exams.
I would like you to DO one things which i did during last 4 months. And that thing is 1,2,7,21. Let me explain you this beautiful Idea which my mentor gave me.
Whatever you do on first day, revise that portion on second day, then revise that portion again on seventh day and twenty first day respectively. I can assure you that if you follow this Idea, then no one can stop you from getting exemption in all subject and specially in Theory subjects.
For practical subjects you need to do only one thing and that is IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE of every and clear understanding of every aspect of concept. Because unless and untill you are not clear about your concept, you will not be confident and confidence is must for getting AIR.
One more things is that people used to think that they will sleep for less hours and will do study during that time. I would say have necessary rest and sleep. I used to sleep for 8 to 9 hours during last 4 months and EVEN exam times also.
In theory subjects, there is no need to prepare Well and clear notes. You just need to do 1,2,7,21 and you will realise that you have done everything. And if possible, do your study at library.
Sometimes this also happen that student know everything but they cannot bear the pressure of exam hall. This happens many times and this is the worst reason for failure of students. You need to be calm and patient during exam time.
We cannot cover the whole syllabus. Something is always left behind. We are supposed to give our best.
Thank you.

- Shri Gopal

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