How to manage Love and CA ❤

I never thought , i 'll be writing an article on Love on  CA Portal, but after seeing my friends,made me to write this.

Loving or being loved by   someone is fantastic thing and a feeling , but at the same time dealing with other aspects of life also important ,

In many instances we mix up love and career , have to choose anyone which leads to breakup.

Lets see how to deal with that situation:

Making someone love you is the toughest task ever , you have to impress someone and constantly doing that  will  disturb your career and professional life so in order to do deal with that: 

1.Allocate sometime daily towards impressing his/her like 2 hrs or 3hrs and make him /her feel they are not missed ,and ensure this does'nt conflict with your study plan,this leads to no time wastage to you and your studies.

2. When a person is in love he is constantly distracted  by the feelings towards the other and going into some dreams which causes another disturbance.

  a) Inorder to deal that one have control his feelings every time he get distraction he has to divert that situation into study by constantly memorise that career also important or whatever a big reason for your doing this course, that  will reduce that distracted feelings.

  b)Other wise so many are not able to do this for that keep timer and tell to your mind to not disturb you with that feelings in that time and keep your mobile aside to not being disturbed by notifications.

3. At the same time say to your loved person to not to disturb you at that specific timings.

4.In the need of  urgency just call her and say that situation because it will disturb your                  relationship.

5. Expectations are very important to know try to know what your lover expecting from you it will help in so many situations.

Till now we dealt with wastage of time  ,  Now lets talk about money , as they say Time is Money

   1. Go for analysis whenever you have to spend, whether its useful; or not …! Because     (Dabbulu urike raavu ) more preferrable for  mcp (middle class person )

   2So many stuck with this situation of spending more towards her/him be attentive and remind her that your stipend or pocket money is less , not directly though but indirectly , in this way your building a healthy relationship.

.    3  But the above situation can get into worse when there is gold diggers in your love , though it is good to his/ her from life , but its leads to some stress .. inorder to cross check just come out of your situation and think about others , keep yourself in others shoes,which can give a brief analysis. Known as (out of person analysis)

.   4.  And made some list of expenses during this love and tell to other person also this will reduce that expenses when she/ he is truly loving you.

Caution in this love :

1.Time pass love is the main problem and you have to deal this by out of the person analysis.

2. But at the same time there are students who are mainly come here to fulfill their parents dreams so constantly remind about your parents this will reduce some extent of your time pass.

Finally we people also can get into love but with some management and analysis t&c apply

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