Preparation plan for ITSM - Exam day

Preparation plan for ITSM

ITSM one of the night mare subject for many CA Students..

To crack the exam only thing will help you is revision, the more you revise the more you remember the more you remember the more you excel in the exam..

Don't just depend on practice Manual as icai is testing practical approach of concepts so read practice Manual + your Coaching class material..

Allocate 1 to 1.5 hours to each chapter..

Today after writing Auditing exam, Start with Strategic management, complete atleast 3 chapters today, before you go to bed.

Tomorrow get by 7am and start with remaining chapters of SM.

Finish SM by 12pm.

Start IT at 1pm with chapters which you are not comfortable, allocate 1 to 1.5 chapters to each,

You'll be completing whole IT by 10pm tomorrow

You'll be having ample of time to revision..

Don't forget to do RTP

♥Pro Tip - prepare mnemonic codes for IT chapter wise, it'll help you for revising on exam day

✨ in IT to get marks you have to write specific keywords to get full marks, so see the practice Manual language.

⚡ Don't prepare from any new materIl now, it'll be risky, read only from books or material which you are already familiar with

- All the Best

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