Should I take dummy articleship to prepare for CA Final ?

I've seen people taking dummy articles, they take Dummy So that they can start FINAL Coaching well in advance.

if you ask me Should I take dummy articleship to save my CA Final attempt?

My answer will be

A BIG "NO", I Strongly Suggest not to opt for Dummy Articles.

Reasons for Saying No.

  • It's Against ICAI Regulations, you can get penalised if caught and debarred. losing precious time.
  • Money, we get a stipend , though its mere, earning is earning right . the satisfaction it gives is really motivating 
  • You want to take dummy because you want to pass ca final, wait what? , if you observe Final Question papers from May 2016, ICAI Started Testing your practical knowledge , which you cant get just by reading books. papers like taxation, audit you cant just pass with bookish knowledge
  • You interact with new people, prospective clients, you learn how to deal with people, with your boss, with your co - articles, you will learn to work in a team , you will learn about different matters, different Companies, Industries, Do you want to miss all this?
  • At Peak times you have to work overtime in night hours, in stress, the more you work in stress the more you sharpen your skills.
You may pass CA Exam, but in long run, you will fade among others, in interviews they'll test your experience. you may end up in a pothole if you take dummy , and yes of course there are people who are earning and settled even after taking dummy , but am not talking here exceptional cases but in general, if you have luck you might end up being an exceptional case, choice is yours to end up on luck or work hard and build yourself .

Comment your opinions below .!! πŸ˜ƒ


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