This was my 7th attempt and I failed my CA final again.

This was my 7th attempt and I failed my CA final again. How can I make sure that I pass in my next exam? How can I feel motivated?

by Pooja Nair 

Take a deep breath! Relax. 

Yes, you failed. I am assuming the result just came out, so at this moment you cant do much apart from accept what has happened. I can empathise with the disappointment that you are experiencing right now. Trying 7 times is tough. How do I know this? Been there done that.

Judging by your second question, I assume you want to complete your CA degree. Try and make a customised plan for your self. These are some of my suggestions for you.

Plan of Action to conquer Attempt November 2015.
Time: 3.5 months

Week 1: Don't do anything with respect to studies. Play a game, watch a movie. Go out meet non-CA friends, people who don't know what a big deal today was. Forget what happened and how you can correct it. You need to first bring back your emotional stability.

Week 2: Wish everyone who cleared the damned exams. All those who studied with you and your peers. I know it feels horrible, but do it. Get humbled.

August: Spend 2 days taking stock of what happened with respect to each subject. Revisit the question papers and ask yourself what you expected to get and compare it with what you got. Find someone, a teacher or mentor or super scholar and discuss at length and detail what you could have done differently. Here talk less and listen more, you will get some gems of wisdom.

Now, time to make a plan. You already know this. Fix your schedule. But this time announce it to all your near and dear ones. Tell them what hours you are to be studying and what hours you are on a break. Tell friends, family, parents and siblings. Now give them permission to monitor you. It helps, when your distracted someone bring the tough realisation to get back to what is important. 

Prioritise! I am not saying disappear off the radar but decide if any action/ activity is required to be done now or can it wait for 3 months. 

Do not let go of the schedule, reinvent it if its not suiting you but stick to it.
Also see that you spend at least half hour doing something that is a physical activity.

September: Begin revision. This time don't assume you already know something. If its the practice subjects solve. Time yourself. If you don't finish 5 questions in 3 hrs. You have failed. Attempting everything is important. 

In Theory subjects please check if you write enough. Write at least 3 mock papers with time. 

October: This is an important month. Try to ease up the study schedule to have enough recreation. You need good sleep and rest. See that you at least watch 1 movie or go for dinner outing etc. Its important that you don't feel bog down or pressured. 

Definitely don't skip the the ICAI supplied material. It is generally released in the last month. Read that in detail. Look for what kind of questions are asked. Spending some time thinking what the answers are. For subjects like taxation, read all amendments. The latest amendments will definitely be asked in the paper.

Lastly, CA is not end of life. Its an experience. This failure you are feeling now. It is toughening you up for life. Its ok to fail. Also ok to fail 7 times. What is not ok is to stop trying. 

Your future is still in your hands. If you loose an opportunity because of this failure, remember something else will open up. Concentrate on developing skills. You will soon realise that CA degree is not everything. Learn to pick up negotiation skills, marketing skills, etc. Soft skills are very important excel in any work. 

All the best for your future. It is an exam, don't make it your life. 

Hope this helped at least a little. Good luck!

-Pooja Nair

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