10 Things Only CA Students who lives in hostels can relate to .!!

Hostel + Friends = Fun factor gets multiplied by 10x , These are some most memorable moments of one's life. for those who miss them now hope after reading this you relive your memories once again .

1. Making Food : All our life we know only one thing , "Eating" when our maa prepares food all we need to do was just get that bloody plate and start gulping it down the way, but Hostels teach us to make our own food , offcourse its fun to  cook with roomates , sometimes we experiment with lots of dishes and there will be one guy in the room who play role of sanjeev kapoor.

if your hostel provides food then the feeling out be as if we are on cloud 9999 , even the guy who cooked wouldn't even know what he cooked , but we have to eat it to kill the hunger ;)*

2. In every room there will be one Btech guy, who always teases and taunts us (sometimes other way round too :-p) about our exams and passing marks , we learn about new movies (you know right :-p) new apps , etc . suddenly we feel got updated with latest tech trends ;-)

3.Washing Clothes : You'll start competing with the next door laundry guy , as you have mastered the art of clothing , washing all clothes in single day and tada..!! you are ready for the next week 

4.Water - suddenly we start realising the value of water , especially if tank gets emptied when we are in morning shower 'ahhh'' 

5.Budgetary Control - Especially during month ends , we save every penny and wait for parents money transfer or stipend , and during this hard times there will be one friend who come up his deep grave face for money and we can't say no to them ;-)

6.Internet - The WIFI ka bhooth , Even a girl gets connected , but our own hostel's WIFI Does'nt . and that requestings we do to our roomates to stop using for a while , so that it gets connected to us , hhahaaa

7.Phone Calls from parents - that constant calls inquiring about our well being , khaya ki nahi , aaj din kaisa tha , though sometimes we feel irritated ,but if these calls stop , we miss them , it some what use to motivate us. 

8.Late night - This is the best time in a day , we do all nonsense at these times , watching movies , gossiping with friends ,  calls to gf/bf , going for a walk (its fun during mid night with friends) ,Roaming in the city and exploring all junkies ..ek round girls hostel bina maare, walk toh khatam nahi hoga .!!!

9.There will be one guy .!! one ? huh.!! majority  .. in the room who wears all clothes irrespective of size , apna bhai ki toh shirt hai ..


10.Room Service - if someone's parents / relatives plans a visit to our room , we are like, empty beer bottles ka kya karu , and everyone starts cleaning the room , even kaam wali bai gets shocked and thinks mai bhi itna ache se saaf nahi karti . ;-p

- That's all folks , hope you liked it feel free to comment if we missed any ;-) πŸ˜ƒ


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