Is it easy….? Definitely No.
Is it Fun…..? Definitely a Yes.

“Nothing great was ever easy.”
And what else can brilliantly define “great” as being a CA student.
Living a life of CA student is not at all easy. It is filled with coaching classes, office, exams and books. We get so occupied with everything that we forget being a CA student is yes not easy but also is not boring. It’s the best adventure one can have in its life. If we start taking the CA student life as a fun adventure and start enjoying it, being a CA student would not become a piece of cake but it would definitely make it fun and interesting and easier to go through.

Let’s say if we have crazy client to deal with tomorrow at 9am, let’s not complain about it because even if we complain or not the dealing with the crazy client is still going to be the same. So instead let’s just enjoy dealing with the client, because anyway weather happily or not we have to deal with the client so why not happily and with a smile?
Being a part of the CA profession we are now and will be in the future surrounded by lots of stress, deadlines, keeping updated and exams… the best way to deal with it will be by smiling and enjoying the whole scenario of stress, deadlines and exams.

So Keep Smiling and enjoy the adventurous ride of being a CA student.
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  1. Sonali the inspaiared article

  2. "Nothing great was never easy"... And this is a great one.. 😊

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  4. School life is the best life but it is not easy due heavy load of modern studies. I would like to share this article with team.


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