Digital Marking in Exams from Nov 2017 Exams:

Until May 2017 exams, ICAI used to send Answer Sheets to Examiners through post. 

After correction, the examiner has to deliver the answer sheets to ICAI again through courier.

This used to consume lot of time and results were declared only after 2 months from exams.

Due to this, student who failed in particular attempt will then get only another 3 months time for preparation.

To speed up this process, ICAI has introduced Digital Marking, through a phased manner.

Now, scanned copies of Answers sheets will be sent to the examiner electronically.

Examiner will update the marks electronically, on ICAI Secure portal.

Due to this radical change, the results can now be announced within one month from completion of exams. 

This way, students will get more time to prepare for next attempt.

As this is just under trail run (Phased Implementation), only selected examiners were given this facility for now.

Starting May 2018 exams, this will be implemented for all answer sheets.


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