How to overcome Depression due to failure in CA Exams??

It is said that,"Smooth seas never made Great Sailors" and when it comes to CA,our failures are these troubled waters which will indeed become stepping stones to our brighter future. But there comes this depressing moment when you feel dejected,sad and guilty of not being able to achieve your desired result whenever ICAI results get declared. So here I am listing down several points (personally tried and found satisfactory) to get rid of that 'Depression zone' we all encounter:

1. Accept that yes you've got failed:

This is the first and foremost step in building a strong mindset. Take a deep breath,cry and shout till you feel normal,release your emotions,write your 'Mann ki baat' in your personal diary etc. to admit that 'Yes,I could not made it this time and I'll give my 100% in the next attempt'. This will certainly relieve your mind. Remember that scene from Jab we Met when Kareena Kapoor asked Shahid Kapoor to flush the pic of his girlfriend. Quite similar to that :)

2. Go for Aerobics,Dance,Gym etc.

Okay I know when we are failed,we are full of anger and sadness..So let these monsters drive out from you in the form of Sweat. Do aerobics with full vigour,punch a punching bag a 100 times,go for a brisk walk,do meditation and Yoga etc.  Trust me,these physical exercises will certainly benefit in relieving your stress to a great extent. :)

3. Listen to songs and/or read Motivational stories:

Whenever you get failed in life,say a confident quote "I am not failed,my success just got postponed" Yes,thats the spirit. Take failure to your Brain and not to your heart. Read motivational quotes wherever you find it any newspaper or any social media platform. Listen to peppy on them with full volume..and let that sadness drive out from you completely. :)

4. Adopt a Pet:

Okay,so this is my most favourite remedy. I am having a cute Labrador Retriever dog named 'Lucky' who is the heart of our family. Whenever I see him playing,his innocence makes my heart melt and forget all the sadness and distress in my life. Time spent with your pet or even stray dogs will definitely shape you into a more optimistic and happier person for sure. :)

5. Spend time with your family and friends:

Try as much as possible not to stay lonely until you feel that yes,you are ready for the next attempt. Spend time with your parents,share your feelings with them. Attend family functions and gatherings,go out on movies and parties with your friends. Try to find happiness in each and every little thing you observe. :)

So these were some of the points which can sure shot make you beat the demon of this Depression. So get up,act like a mature person..Don't remove your Whatsapp DP and don't put those sad statuses thereon.. :D 
I know it hurts a lot,but just look at the brighter side of life. Know that "Life mein CA hai..CA hee Life nahi hai.."

Know any more ways to deal with depression? Let us know in the comment box below. :)


  1. Nainaa wonderful.....keep it up����

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation..😇 Would be great,if I could know your name too.. :)

  2. It's supportive article....not about CA...about all competitve exams...which we make very imoprtant ....rather than our life...thnkxx...NAina....

    1. Thank you so much Suman dear..😘 hope this article helps you and your friends in every possible manner..😇


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