Is Emotional Stress The Reason Of Your Failure?

“We might be the master of our own thoughts,  still we are the slaves of our own emotions”.

In today's world almost everyone goes through a stress which is far more bigger than any stress and that is the emotional stress. And sadly most of us are not even aware of the fact that we may be emotionally stressed. And the reason why we are not able to give our level best to our studies or work could be the emotional stress.

If we look up on the google asking what is emotional stress it will end up giving us drastic reasons and symptoms and show it to us as a very big mental health problem. Lets not go to that drastic level but in a minor level too sometimes the emotional stress makes us miss the best parts of our Life.

Now you will be thinking how exactly does this relate to CA? Or have you by mistake opened an article on physiology issues. Nop Not at all. And here is how you know that you haven’t.

Lets say That you had a break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a fight with your best friend or some pretty disturbing family problems. ( Note: The list could continue on ) They would stay in your head and would influence the decision you take. And now why exactly it would influence? 

For obvious reasons that you love them and care for them and are attached to them. And that is why when things aren’t going pretty good they affect you, your emotional status and also your day to day life.

And how does it effect your day to day life…?? Well if you are stressed about the fact that you and your sweetheart had a fight… how exactly will your mind be able to concentrate on the work you are doing. It wont because your sweetheart is your priority too just like your work
And that is how a emotional stress could become your reason for your failure. When we start depending too much on others emotionally it does help us but only for a temporary period of time. And when things turn ugly…and they will because nothing is the same forever, so when they will it would effect our studies and our work.
When you take up the question of amalgamation reading it again and again to understand it and find out the method of solving it or reading the provisions of law to understand and memorize its content anything that is emotionally affecting you maybe a fight with your best friend or with your sweetheart or may be a fight with your family or anything else will take up your mind and would in turn effect the quality of your hard work. And as we all know ICAI expects quality answers and if it doesn’t get it you fail.

So Being emotionally free and having a peace of mind is very important to concentrate on your studies and to succeed. Being Happy is important. If there is anything that is troubling you…you wont be able to take out the best in you. So if it is so as I have been writing about then the first thing you have to do is fix it. It will be difficult but not impossible and it will be for the greater good.

Being Emotionally connected is not wrong. It gets ugly only when it starts controlling you and your peace of mind and then your decisions. And being emotionally stressed is not going to help it will just keep postponing your success until you finally move on with it and if you never move on then I am sorry to say but you are stuck right there only because you gave too very much importance to it. So Choice is yours get over it let it be over you.

So if you agree or disagree do let me know by dropping your comments down. :D


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