Learn how to learn - Lets Decode This

When I got 2 ways i.e. SKYWAY or HIGHWAY, I chose MYWAY.

Reading for 18 hours or Learning for 8 hours, you need to choose what best suits you.

Yaad hain vo din jab Aap Bachpan me padhte the?
You have been studying since 14 years and passed all those(Maybe). Then why do you need something new?
Downloading applications and using Stopwatches to track the numbers of hours you study are not worth your efforts!!
Few topics need intense studying and few need a walkthrough. The most important thing is, studying topic by topic.

I just go by this saying Watches just show time, the number of blank pages turned blue show your Understanding!

So yes, understanding is more important than spending more time on the topic.

To aab karna kya hai?

Plan out the tasks and do not procrastinate! If your coaching classes have finished a topic, do it. That day itself!
Try to understand, Mugging something up will vanish itself after a few days.
Use the Feynman technique.

Hope this helps!!!
Drop your comments in the comment box, because even we need improvement, even we need guidance to give it you some.


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