Rahul Dravid: The man who Relinquished CA and became wall of india.

Introduction: Well, we all know about him. His name is Rahul sharad dravid or simply Rahul dravid. He is a formerly Indian cricketer and former captain. He was fondly known as Mr. Dependable or Great wall of Indian cricket. We all seen his passion, endurance, consistency and perfection towards cricket and wildly regarded as greatest batsman of all time in the history of cricket.

 Then, what is the point of considering   him related to CA. Yes, there is a point. We all aware of his quotes related to CA.We all knew that dravid had decided to do CA and after opening the first book look what he had said.
I was poor at mathematics . So, I chose commerce and in second year of B.com, I decided to do CA in case cricket didn’t work out. After opening the first book, I doubled my efforts in Cricket.”
 He was one of the few persons who achieved success after giving up CA. He chose   cricket as his career and rest is history.

What made him famous? Why was he considered as greatest batsman of all time? Because of his consistency, hard work, commitment, passion towards cricket. To know about his strength, I will mention a record which is created by him and can be never broken in the history of Test cricket.

The wall’ of Indian Cricket holds the record of spending most minutes at crease by a batsman in Test cricket. He spent 44,152 Minutes at the crease, which is highest time spent on crease by any player in Test cricket.

So, what we can learn by above mentioning record. His Capability, his passion, and mainly his patience towards cricket. It shows the amount of hard work and sheer effort put by him.

Isn’t that features require us to become CA? Isn’t that characteristics help us to complete CA. Definitely Yes.  One can complete his/her CA by possessing above qualities. We should have a burning desire to achieve it. The amount of bliss one will attain once after becoming a CA is unexplainable. One will experience euphoria  after seeing the word “PASS” in CA exam results. So, make your plans. Do hard work and finally you will reach your goal. The dream to prefix ‘CA’ before your name is fulfilled. Wishing all of you a beautiful CA career ahead.

Thank you..

Note: This article was not at all related to giving up CA .The main purpose is one can achieve anything in his/her life by possessing above qualities and especially in CA.


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