The Importance of Fundamental Sciences and Arts in Every Education System

NOTE: This article is only my honest opinion and I do not intend to offend or blame anyone for anything that is talked about. This is the honest opinion of a 19 year old CA student who feels one's career should be dictated by one's passion and not societal pressure.

So, why am I talking about this in the first place? Well, recently, I read a few articles where people were shitting on the education systems in India and how they are only designed for technical training and not for learning.

Now, Is this form of education wrong? No, Of Course not!

But what is the fault?

Well, the fault starts from our homes. When we are kids, we are often asked.... Would you become an engineer, doctor, IAS Officer, etc. No one asks if you want to become a Historian, Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Ethical Hacker, etc. Its always revolved around "Professional Courses".

Rather than branding something as a "Professional Course", I would rather consider it as Technical Education as it helps you get a job and trains you in a particular aspect.

However, our society in the earlier days failed to recognize the importance of liberal arts and fundamental sciences. Few people opted to take up Physics, Chemistry, Math, History, Language, etc.

This was fine in the olden times as there times of financial distress and it was the need of the hour to earn money so as to help the family. In the modern age, Families which are well-off also project their kids only  with certain opportunities and the so called "Professional Courses" have become status symbols.

If you look at all the developed countries, there is an equal importance given to technical education and non-technical education. The Scandinavian Countries prioritize education more than anything else and have significant portions of their budgets allocated towards education.

I am not saying that India should also adopt this. No, our economic structure is different and none of the factors support such a budgetary change. But, changes can happen at the household level. People should also orient towards carrying out researches, archaeological expeditions etc.

I am talking about changes in mindset towards career opportunities. A person who has a PhD in any field is highly respected and so is a Chartered Accountant or any other similarly qualified person.
Technical and Non-Technical education are both equally important to maintain a balance in demand and supply.

Our career choices are guided by trends rather than what we wish to do. This was the case a few years ago when there was a huge rush towards engineering. This led to the demand of engineers decreasing and the supply increasing. This same trend can now be seen towards CA as there is an increased number of people wanting to opt for it. There is nothing wrong in this. But, I honestly feel that one should be allowed to follow whatever career path they wish to follow without being judged by society.

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