Things that Relate to CA.

·    CA is one of the courses where no reservation exists unlike Engineering and Medicine and we are proud of it.
·   We too hangouts with others. Seminars, ITT, and orientations classes are our hangout places.
·    CA course is the only place where our juniors can turn into our seniors.   
·     We too have girlfriends/boyfriends, I mean practice Manuals and Study materials.
·     We Celebrate Diwali two times in a year in the months of May and November, unlike others. Isn’t guys?

      ·  That one Minute Festival by our Inner soul when the balance tallies for the first time in CA Exams. Pure CA things.
       ·   We are the only species who still manage to go to    coaching classes after a hectic day at our office.
        ·   Never thought that numbers ‘39’ and ‘59’ will become our Nightmares.
         ·   That proud moment for us when we filed Income Tax         Return to our parents at the year-end.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„..
·     Never thought that 10 Letter word ‘calculator’ will become a vital role for us during CA Exams.


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