Exams Completed | Results Soon | What to do now?

Hi Friends,
Exams Completed. Results Coming Soon. What to do now? I'd suggest you few things...

Sleep Like you Mean It !!
In exam days you spent sleepless nights. You've to take rest and recuperate from the stressful exam period. Simply, this sleep would rejuvenate your body

Don't Pack/throw away notes !!
Don't throw away the notes. Remember, this is CA/CS/CWA course, not an elementary course. I don't mean you won't pass !! Instead of throwing them awaySaving the notes will help you a lot in future too (especially, Inter/Executive Students)

Enjoy Social Life !!
You've restricted your social life as much as possible during the exam period. So Spend time with your friends and family. Hang on Facebook, Whatsapp and Insta. Go Partying...

Revise at least few Hours a day !!
I don't say go to the library. You needn't bury your head in books. Revising textbooks keeps your brain in sync with the subject.

Enjoy Nature... Eat Yummy food...Take care of yourself...

By the way, Do you do anything particularly interesting after finishing your exams? If so leave a comment and it may give me something to do with all this free time I now have.



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