Word Of The Year - WotY

Did you get wind of the fact that Oxford Dictionary announced the WotY 2017? No?

Do you live under a rock? (Hopefully not 😝)

Well as the name implies, WotY refers to the award given to a word or words which were used in the public sphere and held true to the ethos, mood and/or preoccupations of that particular year and also the word should supposedly have a lasting cultural significance.

When did it start? How? Why?, you ask? I have done the searching for you. Just sit back and read! 😎

The WotY tradition was a German tradition which was started in 1971 named Wort des Jahres. This trend was later adopted by the American Dialect Society in 1991.

There are many iterations of the WotY by different dictionaries such as the Oxford, the Merriam-Webster, etc and also many categories as well.

The Top Words of the Year are selected by the Global Language Monitor (GLM) based on their usage in the Worldwide print, social and electronic media as well as the blog-sphere through the use of statistical analysis (big data and data analytics). However, many linguists and lexicographers (people who compile dictionaries) believe the method used by GLM to be flawed. Top Words of the Year include names, words and phrases.


The thing to be noted is that not every WotY necessarily finds its place in any of the dictionaries.

The Oxford Dictionary's WotY is "youthquake", meaning  "a noticeable shift in the culture of the society due to influence of a powerful youth culture."

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary's WotY is "feminism", meaning " advocacy of women's rights on the ground of equality of sexes."

Youthquake was unknown to most of us as it found its use only in a few countries till now. After its declaration as the WotY, it is expected to find its place all over the world.

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