Bitcoin Mining

Unlike currency, Bitcoins do not have any regulatory authority or institution to regulate the printing and distribution of Bitcoin. Therefore, in order to generate more Bitcoins, people solve specialized math problems with the help of a special software whose solutions are exchanged for Bitcoins. The people who carry out these actions are called "Miners".

What is Bitcoin Mining?

The process of solving algorithms in exchange for Bitcoins is called Mining.
This is an essential part of Bitcoin as it helps in keeping the network secure and performs regulatory functions by adding more Bitcoins.

As the number of miners increase and the algorithms are solved easily, the algorithms get more complex and harder to solve. These algorithms were earlier solved only with the help of CPUs or re-purposed CPUs whose algorithm was changed to be more efficient for mining(ASIC). As time progressed and the algorithms got more complex to solve, Miners recognized that gaming focused GPUs were more efficient and faster in solving the algorithms but were also more power-hungry.


  1. Content is not catchy when comparing to title have to work on content as it is just a normal news instead try to elaborate what is mining and how algos work and whats the hashing process in that and in the above article u said that mining is a process of solving algorithm there is no any info regarding how the mining links to bitcoin (cryptocurrency ) and mining means in simple words jus verifying the transaction with records in blockchain i havent seen about that in the above article So please go through the subject and get complete knowledge and then write articles dont give half knowledge articles to the audience


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