Don't Worry about New/Old Syllabus | Here's What You should do From Joining Classes Till Exams

Hi friends, 
Someone said "New syllabus is vast" while another one said, "Old Syllabus is Tough". Don't get worried. You'd get through with Flying Colors if you follow these tips.

1. Take Running Notes

There's a scientific reason behind this Tip. The notes prepared in your own handwriting is easy to remember. Moreover, every person has own style of summarizing lessons. So Don't forget to take running notes and also, keep revising them.

2. Pre-Schedule Your Revision

The secret towards getting success in is regular studies and an intelligent revision plan. It is not a one-time process. It is a process that has to be done several times. Therefore, keep revising the entire syllabus from the very beginning
  • Daily Revision – Revise all matters that you learnt in a day before going to sleep every night. Take the help of running notes you've made

  • Weekly Revision & Periodical Revision - Decide one day of the week for quick revision of what chapters have been covered in a particular week. Don't forget to allow few days out of your holidays, that you may get, to revise on a periodical basis. This is very important to keep your brain in sync with the old topics.

3. Pre-Exam Revision Planning

Plan your Pre Exam Revision Intelligently and Strategically. Good Planning makes the path to success. Remember, mere planning is not enough for success. Execution i.e. implementation is equally important. So make a plan that you can stick upon and which fits your routine.

4. Do Not Miss Any Opportunity
  • Attend Seminars, Webinars, Revision classes conducted by various institutes and make notes.
  • Attempt Mock tests, Revision Test Papers and Model Exams. You can learn your weak areas and rectify the mistakes.
  • Get all your Doubts Clarified by your Faculty and Seniors from time to time.
  • Use Online sources to refer and revise your subjects. Use Bare Acts, Institute Study Materials, Practice Manuals to learn more.
  • Stay tuned to Get lots of Motivation and Preparation Tips

Just Incorporate these 4things from the very first day of your classes/preparation you'd get through with Flying Colors. Remeber, Your Efforts Matter !! New Syllabus/ Old Syllabus doesn't matter !!

All the Best ....

Roop Sai Kishore Jangala☺


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