My Review of The First Episode of "The CAterpillar Effect"

NOTE: I am no reviewer or a person with an indepth knowledge in the field of cinematography to give you accurate thoughts on this venture. I am just a regular viewer who is sharing my perspective.

From the date the trailer released, I was highly anticipating the release of the series. I thought of a few plots in my head and laughed them off. Since the day I had got wind of the fact that the first episode is due to release in the coming days, my head was again filled with many thoughts about it. But I somehow managed not to overthink or over-expect.

And well, I had my MIND BLOWN! 😵

From the moment the first scene started, till the end of the second module, I found myself in the shoes of the protagonist.

What editing!! Absolutely stellar effort from the guys!

The entire episode was a walk down memory lane.... from the morning power ranger episodes to watching Pokemon and other anime, also including the World Cup winning "6" by M.S Dhoni ...even to the point where I was told that my passion and profession couldn't be the same. Highly relate-able.

Now, there is a hot hype around this series that it is the first web series on the life of a CA student. This is the first attempt that anyone has made at this. And I have to say...... any other attempt after this at a web series on the same topic will feel like a half-hearted effort.

Hope you have all watched it! If you haven't, You are missing out!

Comment your opinions below .!! 😃


  1. A very good attempt! Stunning visuals and editing! It will surely connect every CA students life at some point of time! If it would be with English sub titles it will be even good for people like me from Tamil Nadu and other state people and the reach will be good! Please convey


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